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Environmental Activities

History of environmental management activities

We, Nippon Chemi-Con Group, have set "Contributing to Environmentally and People Friendly Technology" as our corporate philosophy. We have aimed at making our corporate activities and environmental management coexist with each other.
Up until the middle of 1990's, our environmental activities focused on pollution control and observance of laws and regulations. With the inception of ISO14001, we began working on establishing an environmental management system and on acquiring certification at all production sites. From the viewpoint of global warming prevention, we acknowledge energy conservation as one of the most important issue to be dealt with, and we are participating in energy conservation activities in every means such as optimization of energy use from material to final products. Furthermore, to ensure our products meet the severe chemical substance regulation in and outside the country or customer's requirements about chemical substances contained in the products, we have implemented management system for controlling chemical substances contained in the products.

Status of the environmental management system and ISO14001 acquisition

Nippon Chemi-Con Group recognizes the importance of constructing environmental management system as a management tool of the environmental activities. As a result of our efforts, we have acquired ISO14001 certifications (or Eco-action 21 for smaller business operations) at all production sites.
We will continue striving for a continuous improvement based on our management system.

ISO14001 Certified Factories list

ISO14001 certified factories list

Eco-Action 21 certified factories list

As a result, the number of ISO14001 certified factories is (As of May 2013) 20.

Organization for environmental management activities

The Nippon Chemi-Con Group has established the Nippon Chemi-Con Environmental Committee, which is chaired by the director in charge of environmental issues, decides company-wide policies, sets targets, and deliberates on key issues.
Four sub-committees under the Environmental Committee examine specific topics, such as chemical substances control, chemical treatment control, and energy conservation. In addition, separate environmental liaison meetings are held regularly in connection with our four business areas in order to conduct activities and ensure follow-though on corporate environmental policy. Also, liaison meeting of all business sites including out-of-Japan factories is held.
Moreover, the Environment Department, which coordinates and supervises company-wide environmental activities, manages and communicates global environmental information, with the goal of involving all employees in environmental preservation activities.

For inquiries about environment friendly products

For inquiries about other environmental activities please contact

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