Dear Valued Customer,

Request for Switchover to RoHS Compliant Series
in Our Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

We thank you for your continuous support for our Ceramic Capacitors.
We would like to inform you that the Lead oxide used in TC..., TH..., TM... series are not compliant with RoHS Directive from January 1, 2013.
This is due to RoHS Directive change in 2010 that the Lead oxide contained Ceramic Dielectric will not be exempted from RoHS Directive.
However, it is not corresponded to SVHC of REACH Regulation.

Lead oxide is listed in the 8th revision of the SVHC Candidate List of the REACH Regulation. Please refer to the following URL for industry's view concerning SVHC.

About the industry's position relating to Lead Oxide(PbO, Pb3O4),

newly listed in the Eighth SVHC under the EU-REACH Regulation

3.1. Handling of Lead Oxides (PbO , Pb3O4) Noted as Constituents of Ceramics

Accordingly, we will replace TC..., TH..., TM... series with RoHS Compliant Series. We would appreciate it if you could consider to switchover TC..., TH..., TM... series to RoHS Compliant Series.

Series to be Replaced

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Temperature characteristic is Y5U in EIA code)

① Chip type: THC, TCC, TMC Series (P/T#: KHC…., KCC…., KMC….)
② Lead type: THD, TCD Series (P/T#: KHD…., KCD….)
③ Metal cap type: THP, TCP, TMP Series (P/T#: KHP…., KCP…., KMP….)

Recommendation to Switchover

Type Series   RoHS Compliant Series

*RoHS Compliant Series are recommended for the new design.

Should you have any questions regarding the label or spec. change, please feel free to contact with our sales in charge

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