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Introduction of the recommended series according to application

Nippon Chemi-Con introduces recommended products according to application and circuit.

  • Power supply circuit
    • Switching power supply
  • Inverter circuit
    • Motor drive inverter
    • Solar power inverter
    • Air conditioner inverter
  • PC(Mother board)
    • VRM
    • POL converter
  • Photo flash circuit
    • Photo flash
  • LED light circuit
    • LED light
  • Automotive electronics circuit
    • Automotive airbag
    • Electric power steering
    • PHEV and EV charger
    • Automotive microcomputer power supply
    • Direct injection Engine control
    • Main DC/DC Converter

«Precautions for Use»

  1. To ensure safe and proper usage of each product, please examine the product by mounting and testing it.
  2. Request our product specifications before purchase and/or use.
  3. Please use our products based on the information contained in this catalog and product specifications.
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